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foundation repairs, foundation repair companiesSetting The Standards Of The Industry Since 1956.

We know that a foundation in need of repair can be a very stressful situation. It's not something you deal with every day.

Who do you call? Who do you trust? Who will do the job properly?

All of these questions deserve careful consideration. May Development Co., Inc. offers you all the qualities you should consider when your foundation needs repair.

Strong Foundation

We've been in business since 1956. In an industry where companies come and go, May Development Co., Inc. has proudly remained a valuable part of the community. Our customers can depend on us to provide high-quality foundation repair service at competitive prices. Our business is foundation repair and nothing else. And that's why we plan to be successful for years to come.

foundation repair companies, foundation repair, may development co., inc.We Look for Ways
To Improve Our Services

Experience and knowledge are the real differences between May Development Co., Inc. and other foundation repair companies. We’re always looking for better ways to waterproof and repair foundation problems. This is an industry where research and technology can save time and be cost effective for our customers, so we seek out new methods and training, ultimately helping our customers in the long run.

A Track Record of Success

The stability of May Development Co., Inc. is no more evident than in our staff of professional foundation associates. Our key personnel carry with them over 100 years of foundation repair experience. Our same people remain with us because we take pride in doing nothing less than excellent work for our customers. We know our name and reputation are on the line with every job. And that makes us work that much harder for you. That commitment continues to spread throughout our company as we play our part in setting the standards of the industry.

If your home or building is in need of foundation repair, we invite you to call an honest, reliable and trustworthy company that continually strives for customer satisfaction.

May Development Co., Inc - Providing our customers peace of mind since 1956.